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Teacher gives kids high five in after-school program Room to Breathe: California-based Expanded Learning Educators (Winter 2024) is a Course

Room to Breathe: California-based Expanded Learning Educators (Winter 2024)


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

About This Community of Practice

Join us for Room to Breathe, a virtual Community of Practice for California-based expanded learning educators to envision, experience, and co-create caring, compassionate, equitable, and connected learning communities. 

As an expanded learning educator, you’re critical to the success of our schools, especially when it comes to the social-emotional well-being of students. Indeed, with the academic demands placed on our schools, out-of-school-time programs are often the only time that students have the opportunity to learn and practice social-emotional skills.

This Community of Practice is a unique opportunity for you to experience greater well-being yourself, as an adult learner in a supportive community of expanded learning educators across California. In four immersive sessions together, we will explore the science of well-being, experience evidence-based mindfulness and well-being practices, and find a deeper connection to our work and school communities.

Fees are fully covered for this month-long community of practice provided by the experts at the Greater Good Science Center. 

Four sessions on Wednesdays via Zoom: January 10, 17, 24, 31 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (PT).

In our four sessions together, we’ll:

  • Experience deep listening and connection
  • Practice setting boundaries with compassion
  • Reflect on our values and explore how they may support us in making difficult decisions
  • Understand the impact of gratitude on well-being
  • Try well-being practices for ourselves and school communities

Each session is highly interactive and will include:

  • A featured practice and reflection
  • Cutting-edge science and research behind well-being
  • Opportunities for small group connection
  • A time to share ideas, thoughts, and questions with the larger community

In order to build a community anchored by safety, trust, and connection, we ask that all who enroll plan to attend each session.


“Hearing about the experiences of other professionals was meaningful for me because it helped me connect with people in similar and different situations.”

“So much of the professional world is focused on tasks and checklists, but dedicating time to self-reflect and build community is what makes professionalism sustainable.”

“I’m inspired to practice gratitude every day.”


Salina Mae Espinosa (she/her/ella), is a Bay Area born and raised community leader with over 20 years experience serving California schools both as a K-12 classroom teacher and as a mindfulness coach and consultant.   She specializes in building creative, inspired, and socially awake trainings and curricula that lead to action in the areas of mindfulness, social justice, and systems change. Salina is a certified yoga teacher, a dedicated mentor and advocate for LGBTQI+ youth and is currently a Director with The Teaching Well in Oakland, Ca. Salina Mae brings her whimsy, imagination, and passion for collective liberation to create ritual and rites of passage that support communities in transforming themselves from the inside out. 



Miamah Viglietti is a Sacramento native who holds a Master's Degree in Social Work, as well as Bachelor's in Sociology and Child & Family Development. With over 13 years of experience in K-12th education, including Foster & Dependency Youth, ATOD, and at-promise youth, Miamah knows that in order to capture the minds of young people, you must first reach their hearts. Across any field or background, the one thing that can change an individual’s trajectory is just one caring adult. TSEL is a tool that can be utilized to help build, maintain, and assess relationships.

The greatest compliment Miamah ever received is that she should be the laugh track for sitcoms. She's also a firm believer that a good bear hug is magic.